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CZ All-American Single Trap, 34″Barrel For Sale Online

CZ All-American Single Trap A dedicated singles trap gun, this variant of our competition-oriented All-American line is packed with adjustability. The 4-way combo combined with adjustable butt plate hardware (cast, toe as well as LOP) allow a shooter to tune the gun to their specific dimensions and shooting style, and adjustable reach to trigger helps accommodate different sized hands.

Like all of our All-American shotguns, the Single Trap is built to rack up the round-counts. After tens of thousands of rounds, drop-in replacement parts make giving the shotgun a refresh simple.

Equipped with 30″, 32″ or 34″ barrels, the All-American has a lengthened forcing cone (extended 1.6″ and at a 2.2 degrees) and is ported from the factory.

Blacked out extended chokes (in a mid thread pattern), a blacked-out action and Select wood round out the package, culminating in a trap shotgun that looks great and shoots even better!

Choke constrictions are Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Light Modified, Modified, and Improved Modified.

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